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Title: UnknownDown Under (Acoustic)
Artist: UnknownNONONO
Album: UnknownWe Are Only What We Feel
Played: 14 times

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115. Down Under (Acoustic) - NONONO

Title: UnknownLove Runs Out
Artist: UnknownOneRepublic
Album: UnknownNative
Played: 430 times

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114. Love Runs Out - OneRepublic

Title: UnknownTill the Sun Burns Out
Artist: Unknown[SEBELL]
Album: UnknownTill the Sun Burns Out - Single
Played: 18 times

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113. Till the Sun Burns Out - [SEBELL]

Title: UnknownPressure
Artist: UnknownYoungblood Hawke
Album: UnknownPressure - Single
Played: 34 times

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112. Pressure - Youngblood Hawke

Title: UnknownNot About Angels
Artist: UnknownBirdy
Album: UnknownThe Fault In Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture)
Played: 248 times

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111. Not About Angels - Birdy

Title: UnknownSing
Artist: UnknownEd Sheeran
Album: UnknownSing - Single
Played: 54 times

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110. Sing - Ed Sheeran

Title: UnknownBe My Forever (feat. Ed Sheeran)
Artist: UnknownChristina Perri
Album: UnknownHead or Heart
Played: 2176 times

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109. Be My Forever (feat. Ed Sheeran) - Christina Perri

Title: UnknownAre You What You Want To Be?
Artist: UnknownFoster The People
Album: UnknownSupermodel
Played: 74 times

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108. Are You What You Want To Be - Foster the People

Title: UnknownCapture The Flag
Artist: UnknownJunkie XL
Album: UnknownDivergent (Original Motion Picture Score)
Played: 110 times

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107. Capture The Flag - Junkie XL

Title: UnknownRaging Fire
Artist: UnknownPhillip Phillips
Album: UnknownRaging Fire - Single
Played: 2709 times

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106. Raging Fire - Phillip Phillips

Title: UnknownAnother Story
Artist: UnknownThe Head and The Heart
Album: UnknownLet's Be Still
Played: 389 times

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105. Another Story - The Head and The Heart

"These are just flames burning in your fireplace. I hear your voice and it seems as if it was all a dream. I wish it was all a dream."


Title: UnknownBattlefield
Artist: UnknownLea Michele
Album: UnknownLouder
Played: 775 times

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104. Battlefield - Lea Michele

"You and I we have to let each other go. We keep holding on but we both know what seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield. Peace will come when one of us puts down the gun. Be strong for both of us. No please, don’t run, don’t run. Eye to eye, we face our fears unarmed on the battlefield."

"We both know it’s coming. Does illusion count for something we hide? The  surface tension gotta break, one drop is all it takes to flood out this lie."

Title: UnknownIf You Say So
Artist: UnknownLea Michele
Album: UnknownLouder
Played: 463 times

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103. If You Say So - Lea Michele

"It’s been seven whole days, seven whole days since you paralyzed me. Seven whole days, seven whole days since you lost your fight. And I can’t get the last words that you said, can’t get those words out of my head. Seven whole days, seven whole days, and four words. And I can’t get  away from the burning pain, I lie awake. And the fallen hero haunts my thoughts. How could you leave me this way. It’s been seven whole days without your embrace. I wanna see your face. I got some things to say. It was a week ago you said I love you girl. I said I love you more. And a breath, a pause, you said if you say so."

Title: UnknownBeating Heart
Artist: UnknownEllie Goulding
Album: UnknownDivergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe)
Played: 179 times

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102. Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding

Title: UnknownLong Live The Kids
Artist: UnknownWe Are The In Crowd
Album: UnknownWeird Kids
Played: 77 times

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101. Long Live The Kids - We Are The In Crowd

"Hang on, be strong, long live the kids in us all. Pride may fail us but God we will die trying."